Cancellation Policy

Public Seminar Cancellation Policy - Engineering THE LAW, Inc. reserves the right to cancel any public seminar, at any time, and for any reason. Normally, this happens only when too few are registered for a seminar. It is recommended that customers check the Seminar Schedule prior to making any travel arrangements to ensure the class is taking place, as scheduled. Consequently, Engineering THE LAW, Inc. assumes no responsibility or liability for any transportation, travel, or penalty costs incurred by customers in making their travel arrangements.

Public Seminar Refund Policy - If we cancel the legislative seminar you will receive full refund upon return of Guide to State Legislative Lobbying. If you decide to keep the Guide, we will refund your payment less $35. !f you cancel 14 or more days before the legislative seminar date you will receive a refund less $15 to cover our costs of processing your transaction. If you decide to keep the Guide, your refund will be reduced further by the cost of the book, $35.

If we cancel the regulatory agency seminar you receive full refund. If you cancel 14 days before the seminar date your will receive a full refund less the $15 transaction fee.

When you cancel between 13 days and 24 hours before the seminar date you had registered for, we will issue a credit to you to attend a future seminar(s). The amount of the credit will be the seminar fee that you paid less a cancellation charge. The cancellation charges are as follows: 1) $50 for Day 1: How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures; 2) $25 for Day 2: How to Successfully Lobby State Regulatory Agencies; or $75 for both seminars.

Your credit will be in effect for one year. That means that you will have one year to attend a future seminar. If you do not attend within the year period, your registration fee will be forfeited. (added 12/16/04)

Engineering THE LAW, Inc. incurs significant expenses in time and money in preparing seminar materials, printing notebooks, notifying seminar participants with confirmation letters, renting seminar space and equipment, guaranteeing a number of attendees to the hotel, etc. For example, the approximately 50, 100, or 150 pages of materials (depending upon the seminar registered for) are custom produced for you and the seminar you are attending. These materials for the most part cannot be reused in a future seminar and are discarded. Cancellation charges help to offset in part these expenses.

If you cancel less than 24 hours ahead of the seminar date or simply don't show up for the seminar for which you are registered, neither refund nor future seminar credit will be issued.

Your cancellation can be faxed, emailed, or mailed.

Public Seminar Class Confirmation - Your registration is confirmed only when you have received a written confirmation and payment has been received by Engineering THE LAW, Inc. An invoice does not confirm your registration.

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