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Most laws that affect your daily life are not made in Washington, D.C. but in state capitals: state houses and agency offices. To protect and advance your interests, you must be able to effectively lobby each. Therefore, a successful state government affairs program must have two arms - legislative advocacy and regulatory agency advocacy.

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The legislature for its part can do almost anything it wants. It can enrich you or impoverish you; it can permit or prevent your actions and those of anyone else. While the legislature can be as arbitrary and capricious as it wants to be, it cannot implement laws - that role belongs exclusively to regulatory agencies.

Regulatory agencies make the legislature's statutes work. They also implement their own agendas through agency rulemaking, enforcement, and administration. While an agency must stay within strict substantive and procedural bounds, it may give you what the legislature would not or take away what the legislature gave you.

Two different advocacy arenas require two advocacy skills sets and two complementary seminars: How to Successfully Lobby State Legislatures and How to Successfully Lobby State Regulatory Agencies.

Our seminars can be built around your issues and given at a time and place of your convenience. We have equipped corporations, associations, unions, public interest groups, and permanent and ad hoc coalitions with skills that bring them success with legislatures and executive agencies.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced lobbyist, please take a moment to see the application of our books and seminars to benefit yourselves, your organizations, and the people of your state.

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