The "Campaign Method" for State Lobbying
by Robert L. Guyer

After several of years lobbying in a number of states, I observed that some 70% of what it takes to win in the legislature occurs before talking to lawmakers. In fact, the legislature itself, while indispensable, is the smaller part of gaining favorable legislative action.

To maximize the chances of an organization successfully affecting that 70%, as well as the other 30% commonly thought of as "lobbying," I developed the "campaign method." This method is a series of systematic, focused, and aggressive steps taken for the purpose of making it easier for lawmakers to say "yes" to you and harder for them to say "no" or to ignore you.

What the legislature "giveth" an executive agency can "taketh" away. And so the other arm of effective advocacy is regulatory agency lobbying. Building upon my 20 years serving as an agency enforcement officer, regulatory manager for an electric utility, consultant, and lawyer I have made application of the campaign method to affecting executive agencies. While there are similarities with legislative lobbying, advocating before agencies has some profound differences in approach and style.

I have put the campaign method's hundreds of steps into an easy to follow step-by-step manual, Guide to State Legislative Lobbying. In our seminars How to Successfully Lobby Your State Legislature and How to Successfully Lobby State Executive Agencies I teach you how to apply key elements from the method to your issue(s).

While there are no guarantees of winning in the competitive arena known as the state government, those who follow the campaign method improve their chances of legislative and regulatory agency success.

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