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Who are your seminars designed for? Government Affairs Managers
We can teach corporate, association, and public interest government affairs managers how to build and manage their state lobbying programs to get more value for their legislative affairs dollars.

Association Legislative Committees
From experience, we know how help you improve your committee's effectiveness. Every legislative chair and active committee member can benefit from this professional training.

Association Executives
Our book and seminar are valuable tools for educating officers, association members, and your staff about the challenges to overcome to achieve your association's legislative goals.

Consumers of Lobbying Services
Do you need a lobbyist? We help you determine if you do. And when you need one, we show you how to find and hire one, establish reasonable fees, work together effectively, and evaluate job performance.

The seminar will "jump-start" the careers of beginning lobbyists enabling them to much more quickly bring added value to your lobbying effort and organization.

Public Interest Activists
The seminar describes the steps to take in order to win your issue and it will give you insights into what your supporters and opponents will be doing.

Professional Lobbyists
Veterans find our information is a "tool box" with a variety of effective instruments. Expect to learn something new because the course is drawn from the experiences of other lobbyists and from experiences working in different states.

Vice Presidents and Boards of Directors
The legislature runs on its own schedule, not yours. Learn how to realistically evaluate the planning, design, and performance of your staff and contract lobbyists.

Professors teaching courses on applied American politics will gain greater insights and be better able to teach how state legislative battles are really conducted.

Lawmakers and Legislative Staff
You will better understand what those petitioning for lawmakers' votes have done, or should have done, as they work with, for, or against you.

State and National Organizations
You can have a strong state government affairs program and avoid costly monetary and political mistakes. Let us help you plan and build your state lobbying organization(s) program to be effective with state legislatures. And, we can help national groups coordinate their state affiliates and activities.

Top Why should I read your book and take your seminars? You should read our book and take our seminar because you are central to winning your issue in the state legislature. We show you how to be more effective in this central role.

Why am I so central?
First, because you care about your issue more, understand it better, and can advocate it more passionately and credibly than can anyone else.

Second, you cannot delegate to contractors decisions that belong to you alone. You will have to live with the results of the success or failure of your lobbying. You will make the better "what and why" decisions, such as "what I can live with or not" or "why I can not agree to their counter proposal." Your contractor will help you with the "how, who, where, and when" decisions.

Third, your association's members' constituency is the basis of your political influence and, as regards your issue, most of that of your contract lobbyist. Fourth, lawmakers are much more interested in you and your association than they are in the lobbyists and consultants you hire.

Since you are central to your own success and your role cannot be delegated or contracted to anyone else, let us show you how to be effective. If you are a contract lobbyist we can show how to better serve your clients.

Can't I just hire a contract lobbyist to solve my problem for me?
No, not if you really want to succeed. The right contract lobbyist can become a strategic member of your team. They are consultants with valuable advice, experience, and relationships that can assist you throughout the legislative process. But, the reason laws differ from original bills is because a series of key decisions are made along the way. You, not a contractor, better understand and will have to live with decisions affecting your bill. Further, because constituents are a lawmaker's first priority, your members provide irreplaceable political power. Your involvement in every major decision and key legislative contact maximizes your chances of legislative success.

Why would a lawmaker want to hear from me?
Lawmakers want to hear from the people who are going to have to live with the consequences of the laws they pass. They are elected to serve and advance first the well-being of the people living and working in their electoral districts. If your bill affects the welfare of a legislator's constituents, he or she wants to hear from you.

Lawmakers want to succeed and they need technical information in order to make good decisions about the issues on which they vote. But in most cases they have too little time and too few resources to develop the information for themselves. They appreciate facts, figures, and political information that they can rely upon.

They were elected on partisan political platforms and will promote laws and public policy consistent with them. If your bill affects a lawmaker's political goals, he or she will want to hear from you.

I've been lobbying for years. What can you teach me?
We help you to increase your effectiveness by building on the talents and skills you already have. As you know from experience, talking to lawmakers is one thing, getting their votes is quite another. By implementing the campaign as we teach it prior to talking to your first lawmaker, you build the momentum that will boost your chances of getting the votes.

Lobbyists and lawmakers with many years of experience, after reading the book and attending the seminar, have felt that they added to their resources for winning. One contract lobbyist called the book a "box of tools" containing different tools appropriate for different situations. Anita Farmer, the highly experienced corporate VP of state government affairs for Bank of America said our seminar shows, "There are always more tips and skills to learn about lobbying...!" And Ron Meyers, former Speaker pro-tem of the Washington House of Representatives, said "Not only has Bob Guyer written THE BOOK on lobbying at the state level ... his seminars are of exceptional value for novices and seasoned government affairs specialists alike. If you are looking for an exceptional 'one-stop-shop' for lobbying strategies and tactics, Mr. Guyer's book is the place to go."

We are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Doesn't that mean we can't get involved in politics or in lobbying?
A 501(c)(3) can lobby within certain limits. You may not support any candidate for public office. You must limit the amount of money that you spend affecting the legislature. The amount of money you may spend on lobbying starts at 20 per cent of your first $500,000 of annual expenditures. Generally, no 501(c)(3) may spend more $1,000,000 in a year on lobbying. However, your members as individuals can lobby freely for your causes, as long as you are not financially supporting their activities. You may freely lobby administrative agencies without limit. Lobbying is a core purpose of a 501(c)(4) and 501(c)(6) organizations.

Top Can you hold my attention? The seminar is entertaining, interesting, and empowering. Especially, during the "mock negotiation" and "3 minute in the hallway lobbying a lawmaker" exercises, it is just plain fun. 95 per cent of those attending rank the seminar a 9 or 10, on a scale of 1-10.

"[The seminar] was absolutely fabulous, and even during a day that was filled with tragedy (i.e. 9/11 terrorist attacks) it had the ability and the strength in presentation to take our minds off the outside world and educate us on lobbying legislatures and agencies. Now that is one powerful and educational seminar that can achieve that goal. I have heard nothing but fabulous comments from our sales team again today on the seminar, and I cannot thank you enough."
Kevin C. Tribout
Government Affairs Manager

Top Will you bring your seminars to my location? Yes. We will gladly work with you and your organization to create a custom seminar to help you with your own specific needs.

Please contact us for more information.

Top We want the seminars but lack funds. What can we do? Some associations need the seminar but are unsure as how to pay for it. Some creative ways to provide the seminar to your members include:

- Apply for a grant from your national association.
- Apply to a foundation for assistance.
- Ask you national association to sponsor the seminar for you.
- Have your national association provide the seminar for chapters in the region, including yours.
- Request your national association make the seminar part of your national annual meeting
- Join with other state chapters to fund the seminar.
- Share the costs with one or more another associations.
- Invite others outside of your association to attend for a fee.
- Charge your members a fee, full or reduced.
- Assess your members a reduced fee and charge those outside your association the full fee.
- Suggest another association sponsor the seminar and you agree to purchase a minimum of seats.
- Pre-pay a minimum number of participants for a public seminar and then advertise and sell the remaining seats to persons outside your association or to the general public.
- Pre-pay a minimum number of participants for a public seminar and then ETL will advertise and sell the remaining seats to persons outside of your association or to the general public.

If you want the seminar but are unsure how to pay for it, contact us and we will work with you.

Top Can you help us after the seminars? We would be pleased to advise and assist you in planning and implementing your own state legislative campaign.

We can also represent you before the Florida legislature and state administrative agencies.

Please contact us for a free consultation.

"Bob Guyer is a master lobbyist and great instructor. His experience is very valuable."
Ron Phillips
Legislative Assistant
Florida House of Representatives

Top I'm a senior manager. How can you help me? Whether you are a senior manager or a member of a board of directors for an association, our seminar and book will make you better able to understand and evaluate the activities of those for whom you are ultimately responsible. Our materials enable you to know the right questions to ask, have a context in which to place the answers, and make meaningful contributions to the broad legislative directions of your company or association and to the staff and contractors who do go to the state house.

Do you employ contact lobbyists? If you do, you will leave the seminar a better and more aware consumer of lobbying services.

Top What is your Confidentiality Policy? Effective August 30, 2002, Engineering THE LAW, Inc. maintains the confidentiality of clients, past and future, for whom we provide(d) private seminars. Protected information includes:

- Name of client
- Seminar participants' names
- Issue
- Client-provided data used to customize seminar
- Fees

A confidentiality provision is included in contracts for private seminars.


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NEW Previous registrants who retake the seminar as a "refresher course" upon registering for legislative lobbying receive the executive agency lobbying for no additional charge.

NEW North Las Vegas Police Lt. Tim Bedwell blogs on the Lobby School.

Why is the complete seminar two days? Legislatures make 10% of laws and can implement nothing; agencies make 90% to implement legislative law. Day 1 - get your law. Day 2 implement your law. Take either or both.

Hear what Lobby School seminar participants say video.

See Chapter 1 of our seminar workbook

SOON Winning with Lobbyists Empowering Consumers of Lobbying Services is at the editor/publisher. I thank many lobbyists for their contributions to this book.

Custom seminars The Lobby School provides 2-16 hour private on-site workshops customized to your issue presented at a time and place of your choosing. Previous custom-seminar clients are a Who's Who of state and national groups.

Continuing education 25 states accredit or in the past have accredited the seminar for continuing legal education.

Pro bono publico Mr. Guyer presented his 2016 pro bono training to "mom and pop" animal lovers resisting animal-rights groups lobbying for laws ending animal ownership. My blog discusses this seminar. If you would like to be my 2017 pro bono seminar, let me know.

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